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It’s paper, it’s our Business

With a philosophy of making “Paper” our business, we aim to bring the world to Pakistan.

AK International is located in the port city of Karachi, Pakistan, and is a leading Pulp & Paper indenting and trading house specializing in, but not limited, to the following grades:

  • Corrugated Container Board
  • Kraft Liner Board
  • Corrugating Medium/Semi-Chemical Fluting
  • White Top Liner
  • Semi Extensible Sack Kraft Paper
  • Wood Free Paper (Offset and Photocopier)
  • Bleached/Unbleached Kraft Pulp (Soft Wood, Hard Wood, Eucalyptus, Fluff and Dissolving pulp)
  • Waste Paper (OCC, NCC, OINP, BBC and SOP)
Customers rely on our expertise to guide them on global trends and realities; Whilst, our principals use our local knowledge and connections to widen and strengthen their customer base. Our vision encompasses improving communications between customers and suppliers, with timely and factual information, thereby bridging the gap and bringing mutual benefit of “win-win” positions.
As a business model, our company represent world’s leading pulp and paper manufacturers connecting them with reputable and reliable customers in Pakistan’s corporate sector, whilst at the same time, our company engages in merchanting business to service small and medium size customers with timely delivery of quality products.
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